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Scientifically Supported
Pink Piko draws on a wealth of psychological research to foster deeper emotional well-being and self-awareness.
User-Validated Approach
Designed and refined through rigorous user feedback, ensuring our features meet real-world needs for emotional tracking and analysis.
Data-Driven Results
We transform complex emotional data into tangible insights, guiding you towards greater mood awareness and emotional resilience.
Your Privacy, Our Priority
At Pink Piko, we prioritize your privacy and data security.
All user data is securely stored in a private cloud, inaccessible to external apps, processes, or individuals, and is fully encrypted to ensure utmost confidentiality.
For those opting to enhance their experience with AI features, rest assured that while some data is utilized for this purpose, it remains completely private and is not used for AI learning or any other purposes. Your trust and safety are our top commitments.
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